Spice up home schooling! Take a break from the screens!


Scenario based card game suitable for ages 11+

Discuss real-life scenarios

Practise key grammatical terms

Improve vocabulary! Improve articulation! Improve confidence!

That's Plausible!

Plausible Card Game

  • This game has been produced with all learners in mind.

    Dyslexic learners can benefit from the contrasted colour schemes on the card.

    SEN learners can use the BUDDING BRILLIANCE game to practise verbal responses to common teen scenarios.

    EAL learners can interact with peers using the SILENTLY SMART tasks.

    GIFTED AND TALENTED learners can be challenged using the ALCHEMIST tasks.

    OLDER TEENS can partake by using the ORANGE tasks with the scenarios.

    Players can also create their own combinations of the game by using the guided instructions card and quick play cards.


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